You are feeling down often and think that there is no way for things to get better?You need to get to know yourself and learn about reading emotions.

Subjectiv Well-being, known as SWB, is a theory developed by Diener which describes how people experience the quality of their lives and includes both emotional reactions and cognitive judgments.

So lets put that this way- It is the way we perceve things and how we react to them that determents if we will feel satisfied or not.

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The problem with modern society is the false picture that media projects everyday trough televison, magazines and/or social networks. People are looking for shortcuts to do things ( get skinnier, get more happy...) because they think results come over night. They see how everyone around them is happy but in reality that is not the case.

so lets get to the point
Truly happy people are not those who smile and laugh all the time but those who are satisfied with themselves and know what they want.
The question is how to get to that point?

An inability to regulate emotions is at the root of psychological disorders such as depression.
- Gross and his collaborator Hooria Jazaieri (2014)

The answer is to learn about yourself. Who you are, what you want to be, what you want to do and most important to learn how to read your emotions.

Emotions tell us a lot

If we are angry we can be angry at ourselves or at others. We can feel anger at a teacher because he was not fair or dissapointment toward ourselves because we know we have not study hard enough. There are milions of examples where we can react differently and change outcome of situation and how we see it.
When it comes to sadness many of us do not even try to understand why is it there and we just give up and embrace it as something negative and wrong. That is when depression can kick in. Instead of that we need to realize that the sadness we feel is there because of some reason. If that reason can be taken care of we should get up and do something about it. If we cannot do something it can give us insight in ourselves- we can realize that we are sad because something bad happened and we feel grief or emptyness or so on and notice that we cared about someone/ something but we still cannot allow that sadness to swallow us.

Once we learn to accept every emotion and find pieces of us trough them is when we will finally feel completed and in control . We will feel happy because we know who we truly are and we will not feel obligated to be happy all the time and that is all the point.