Yay! My First Article!

First of all, I love the new Articles feature and thought that I should try my hand at it! For this article I am revealing a bit about myself:

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I'm a Med Student! (But you probably figured that out from the title of this post)

I've been in Medical School for Five Years and it has been the most challenging part of my life yet! (I'm still pondering if motherhood could possibly match up to how hard med school has been). Don't get me wrong, this is what I was destined to do with my life from a young age. However, I've come to the realization that just because something is part of your purpose, DOES NOT mean you won't struggle.

In fact, when it comes to your dreams, you have to work all the more for it, because you know in the deepest part of your heart this is what you were meant for.

My medical experience can be split up into three parts:

  • Wide-Eyed and Traumatized Student (First two years)
  • The Clinically Unstable Student (Year 3 - 4)
  • The Unpaid Intern (Year 5+)

The first two years of medical school was where I had to dive and get my feet wet even though I had never been to a swimming pool before. You meet new people, encounter all these lecturers who continually try to remind you that they've been in your position before, and most of all, unless you've been in some rough neighbourhoods, you have your first encounter with a dead body, that you get to learn from!

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But as exciting everything is those first couple of months, life comes at you real fast.
One thing that I remember vividly was when I failed my first semester of Anatomy. All freshmen regardless of what you're studying know how that first soul crushing experience is like, but in Med School, where you're told that only the best of the best can be accepted, it is quite a tragedy when the all-consuming truth hits you in the form of this question: Am I even good enough to be here?" You start to question why you are even in Med School, but what is important to remember at this point is what you're going to do from that moment onwards,

Are you going to get up and try again? Or just give up on everything?

I knew what my answer was to the second question, I've come to far and done so much to be here, there's no way I'm leaving after my first hit. Even when all the signs showed that I couldn't do it, I was reminded swiftly that :

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For others though, it may just be the eye-opener that this specific field was not meant for them in the first place. Trust on this, know exactly why you chose to study Medicine, because if you're doing it for anyone other than yourself, you should leave while you're in the early years so that it's easier to start again with something new.

So onwards I went to Part II, The Clinical Years, which will be your first exposure to the hospital setting, where you meet with real life patients and have to apply everything you've learnt in the class and in your bedroom. With this comes even more responsibility, and your brain tends to get exhausted from all the reading and research you have to do, because sadly, the heavy and thick textbooks don't tell you everything about the patient in front of you. The great part of this section of Med School is how much more you are exposed to!

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You get to attend surgeries, assist in procedures, deliver babies and start being on call in the emergency department, the scariest most awesome place to be.

Now I'm in Part Three, the point where it almost feels a bit "Been There, Done That".

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The hospital has become your home, your scrubs are your uniform, and sneakers are the only shoes you get to wear. It feels as if you're almost at the finish line. Everything in your life has led you to this point, and now you need to keep running, not losing speed or passion, because soon people will be looking to you for the answer, and there's no more room to be hesitant or second guessing yourself.

Not too long until your girl has the title Dr. and has actually earned it after the years of challenges.

I'll end this one here!

~ zbupe