Day 2. Make a list of the things you're grateful for

First of all, I am grateful for everyone I've met in my entire life. They all affected my life in some ways, and I'm happy where I am right now, and I probably couldn't do this without them.

I am grateful I have a loving family and a home where I feel safe.

I am grateful i am healthy.

I am grateful I can see things, hear voices and smell everything.

I am grateful I am able to study new things every day.

I am grateful I have the most amazing friends.

I am grateful for all the smallest things in life I smiled at.

I am grateful for all the travels I had, and the places I've visited so far.

I am grateful for my teachers, some of them taught me if I don't know something I should shut the fuck up, but the others taught me really important things.

I am grateful my dad showed me his fave bands when I was little.

I am grateful 10yrs later he took me to their concerts and I got the chance to see GN'R, Green Day, Iron Maiden and Slayer at a very young age.

I am grateful to all the bands I love (Guns N' Roses, Black Veil Brides, Iron Maiden, Green Day, Korn etc..) that their music is exist.

I am grateful for my aunt who taught me how to play the piano.

I am grateful for my uncle who helped me to buy my first guitar ever.

And the last one is the most important. I am grateful my mom who gave birth me, without her I would be nowhere now. She's the most caring, loving and amazing person I've ever met. And I really love her.

I hope you liked it, I enjoyed writing it so much:))
See ya tomorrow!