Fall has arrived, which I'm really excited about. But I know that some people don't really look forward to the new season. That's why I'm going to give you my tips and tricks on how to get into the fall feeling. So here are some of my favourite things to do in fall.

Hope you enjoy!

Get cozy inside with blankets

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While the weather outside is getting colder, the best thing to to is staying inside with some chunky blankets.

Watch the rain on the windows

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In my opinion watching the raindrops sliding down the window is such a relaxing thing to do.

Drink hot drinks, such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate

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Hot drinks are just meant for the colder seasons, because they keep you warm and cosy. And other than that, they taste really good.

Read a great book

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To go a long with the coziness theme, I think a great book is a must have for fall. Imagine sitting inside under a warm blanket, with a cup of tea and a book in your hands, while watching the rain outside your window. ugh, that's nice!

Watch movies or tv-shows

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If you are not really a book-kind-of-person my idea for you is to get cozy and watch a great movie or your favourite tv-show.

Bake with someone

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There are many perks of baking with someone. The progress is fun and nice because you are doing it with someone else. And when the goodies are done you get to enjoy it together.

Go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather

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Instead of just staying inside, you might want to go outside to really enjoy the weather, because although it is chilly, it is also beautiful and nice. One of the reasons why fall is my favourite season is because of all of the pretty colours outside, which you don't get to see in the other seasons.

Go for a bike ride

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To stick with the outside theme, I'm a sucker for bike rides or walks in fall. It's so nice to get up on a bike and just go for a long ride and explore the beautiful fall nature.

Go apple picking

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Another outside idea is to go apple picking. It's pretty funny and afterwards you can get to make some delicious applepie.

Carve pumpkins

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Even though halloween is a month away, it is never too early to start carving pumpkins.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this article! Have an amazing day :)

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