Hello People reading this

Well actually I don't really think anyone is going to read this.... Oh well,

I'm sure we all have this day where we just want to relax at home, and yea we know how to relax like a boss.

Here is some advice what to do when you want to have a fun day out with your friend!

1. okay what I love to do is go in a clothes store, searching for a whole outfit for yourself and your friend! and then take pictures like your a freaking model!! Notice.. be careful of the store watchers..
they're dangerous XD..

2. of course it's food.. what else..

3. just walking, talking and being there with your friend is enough, your day will be awesome!

4. visiting a place you have never been to! and take pictures!!

5. getting a haircut while your friend is with you!

and days at home, nothing can beat that!
Being at home, our own space where no one can Judge us, we can dance, scream, everything.
Sing while we think we need to enter a competition because we're awesome!
eating so much chocolate and food wile watching K-drama.. reading
I love it!
oh and ofcourse being ugly
who cares!

This is really just a random girls monoloque, I'm sure you know how to spend your own awesome day!!