The OST in a kdrama is a very important thing that gives feeling to the scenes or even the entire drama.
For that today i'm going to tell you my favourite song from a Kdrama

  • THE BEST HIT "Beautiful Beautiful" by Punch & Glabingo
drama, astro, and kdrama image
  • W "Where Are U" by Jung Joon Young
lee jong suk, w, and kdrama image
  • GOBLIN "Beautiful" by Crush
goblin and kdrama image
  • IT'S OKAY, THAT'S LOVE "It's alright This is Love" by Davichi
exo, d.o, and kyungsoo image
  • GU FAMILY BOOK "Only you" by 4MEN
drama, korea, and gu family book image
  • INTROVERTED BOSS "One more step" by Sandeul (B1A4)
drama, korea, and introverted boss image
  • KILL ME HEAL ME "Auditory Hallucination" by Jang Jae In
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  • WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING "When Night falls" by Eddy Kim 🖤
lee jong suk, kdrama, and while you were sleeping image
  • ANOTHER OH HAE YOUNG "If It Is You" by Jung Seung Hwan
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