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Day 9
List 5 people who have had an impact on your life, and how?

  • Mom and Dad

Mom and dad are a huge part of my life as mentioned in my parent's article and they have always inspired me by their marriage, and their love and care for me and my sisters and the way they taught me everything and are willing to give everything to give me and my sisters the best.

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  • Grandma

Or, as I like to call her Nana she is the best woman in the world she has gone through many bad things but still has the kindest heart ever nana, is one of a kind person the person you don't see nowadays and to be honest she bought the most beautiful woman ever (mom😉😉 )

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  • My friends,

They have bought some of the happiest times of my life and we had the most fun days together I enjoyed every day with them at my old school and you have guessed we had to get separated because everyone wanted different school and others who had to travel but we still communicate because they are the best, most beautiful, and amazing girls ever.

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  • My uncles (from moms side)

Well, they are the sons of the kindest woman on earth what do expect, they are as kind as her each one having different nice personalities that put together gives the best man ever they always make me laugh and feel loved other than my parents.

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I thought all those had a great impact on my life so I wanted to include people who had a bad impact on me too I am not ready to talk about this to people I know so strangers are easier just to get it.

  • My uncles and aunties (from dads side)

well, the complete opposite of my mothers family they suck they never think of coming to visit is in holidays. I haven't seen them in 4 years they never even called to ask how are we doing, if I saw them in the streets I wouldn't identify them, to be honest. that makes real and taught to not care about people who don't care about you.

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Yeah this is all for today
see you tomorrow.

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