Hello once again! As I woke up today I realized it won't be a nice day. Because it was so freaking cold and it was raining. To be honest I even thought about going back to warm bed and miss today's lecture... But I didn't. So I made a cup of white tea with peaches, ate my breakfast, got ready and there was still more than two hours left until my bus. I could've watched a movie or few series of something, but I decided that today will be all about my emotional self - care. That's what I will be talking about in this post mainly.

'' When you say yes to others make sure you are not saying no to yourself''
- Paulo Coelho

Here I will give you 6 ideas of practicing this kind of self - care where you will be saying ''yes'' to yourself.

Meditate. It is all about breathing and focusing about your body from head to toe. Turn on calm music (wordless would be the best, trust me) and just take your time. The best part of this is there's no specific time you need to do this. Spend as much as you want!
Practice Yoga. Well it doesn't only help you to relax and make yourself feel better. It also helps to be more flexible and concentrated on task you are obligated to do.
Light scented candles. Just do it. Scented candles is a must have when it comes to feel better/love yourself list. Plus, they also helps to concentrate on certain things.
Talk with friends. Talking with your best friend might be one of the trickiest part of all this. But when you will get used to it you will see that it is more helpful and more fun thing than you think.
Journal. Organizing your day, sketching, writing down minds or stories. It was always a good idea and it will always be a good idea, so go on, buy a journal/notebook and start this!
Write down a list of what you are grateful for. A list of things you are grateful for might be the most calming thing ever. Today when I opened my journal I started to write that and in the end I was with a playful smile on my face. I'm not lying! Try that and you will see it by yourself.

So I hope this was useful not only for me and see you in the next post where I will be talking about mental self - care!
See you soon & have a wonderful week!