Hello! With this being my first article, I decided to combine an interesting topic with a little get-to-know me. So, here are my top 5 personal favorite things that make me, "me":

1. Cities

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I love to travel and I wish someday I will have the opportunity to visit all my dream destinations like:

  • Italy
  • France
  • Monaco
  • Spain
  • All 50 U.S. States
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Mexico

and many more cities and countries! I especially love the city and the busy, urban, high-rise ridden destinations, so every capital of these magnificent places is already on my bucket list. I dream about traveling with my boyfriend and best friends and being able to live an exciting, carefree life by finding a sense of home in everywhere I go and everyone I meet! (I know, call me a hopeless romantic)

2. Light

I find an amazing fascination in any and all types of light: city lights, decorative lights, street lights, stars, Christmas lights- I love them all. Every light in my house is always on :) And matter-of-factly, I am afraid of the dark, which only fuels my fondness for light. I am a city girl and I love the nightlife, especially. I dream of being able to live someday in the heart of new York City, being able to see all the people and hustle and bustle under a blanket of bright night sky. This, I suppose, relates to my first love of travel and being in the city, and perhaps they go hand in hand- travel and lights.

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3. Chaos
I guess this also relates to the city. What can I say, my simplicity has levels of complications. I find calmness in the chaos, so I suppose that is why I love the heart of the city, and the light calms the chaos. I sometimes associate chaos with excitement- the good kind. But I also probably define chaos differently than most other people- probably more of an excitement. There's chaos in traveling, the city, nightlife, the more people, the more chaos, and for me, the more the merrier. I love the business of airports, downtown traffic flow and busy restaurants, with others especially. But don't get my wrong, I always enjoy peaceful time alone without constant commotion.

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4. Perfection
I like to blame this one partly on my competitive, driven nature and partly on my OCD. I like order, symmetry and correspondence. Aside from chaos, I find peace in the world. I love the view from the tops of buildings and high places where I can see for miles and miles until the horizon blurs and the buildings morphed into the sky. I like order. I find it comforting when rooms and decorations in houses match or when things are organized by shape or size. I think everyone should be equal in everything they do and whatever that may be, it should represent them. I love matching by color and aesthetic. The world is not perfect, but it is perfection. Perfection may be an abstract term but it is, nonetheless, real.

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5. Dreams
None of this is a metaphor or symbolism, I just truly find happiness in the simplest of things. To be honest, I dream and day dream all day long. I constantly am thinking about my future, what it will look like and how it will go. Every time I am in the city, staring into the lights, laughing, traveling, seeing new faces and roaming new streets, I dream. I think about how astonishing the world is and how it will be for me when I make a life for myself. I have so many dreams. The reason I started on We Heart It was so I could express all my dreams and put them in one place. Just look at my account, it's filled with all my thoughts, dreams and desires, and I love being able to share that with others. I love to dream about the life I may have someday and We Heart It puts it on paper (or a screen I suppose) for me, but the places, light, love, relationships, laughter, aesthetics and creativity in my everyday life make it real.

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Thank you all for reading all of this and I hope to write more, (shorter) articles in the future on some simpler topics I enjoy :)