You left and you broke me. I could not believe how much pain I was in, I felt like I had lost everything. I keep wanting to call you and text you. I miss you more than anything and I hate how much you hate me. You were my best friend and now you are no longer a part of my life. You were everything to me. We were so bad for each other and I knew it. We were toxic together. I could not get enough of us. Our relationship would leave me drained and sad. I was miserable but I had you and that made it okay. We had more bad times than good times. You took so much from me and I just let you. I thought what we had was normal. After 4 years I no longer recognized myself. I looked in the mirror and I hated what I saw. I was so bitter, and I felt so lost. I lost you somewhere along the way and I was so alone. I could not take it anymore. Finally I hurt you back. That was not me. That was someone I didn't know. I tried to explain to you what was happening but you shut me out. I tried to leave you but I wasn't strong enough. I always gave into you. I loved you and I wanted us to be better. I didn't know what was gonna happen if we weren't together. I was so scared of not having you. Thank you for leaving me. Thank you for all the hell you put me through. Thank you for breaking me. You taught me so much and I will always have love for you. Because I don't have you I get to find myself and I get to find happiness again. Thank you.