Hey! Guess who forgot to keep up with the 15 Day Challenge? Me! Nah, nah, but welcome back. I obviously forgot to keep up to date so, I'm combining yesterday with today. I feel like an idiot for forgetting, but hopefully in the future I won't forget. Hope you enjoy!

Day 7: Write an article about something that you find interesting.

Ok, let's start this thang. There is a lot of things I find interesting but what I find the most interesting is stuff that relate to law. It can be a pretty boring subject to talk about, but for me, I find it interesting and it literally scares me. I don't know too much about law, but I find it interesting how you can prove a point across (in court), no matter if the person you are defending is guilty or not. Like, I don't get how you can set a person free and they are guilty, just cause you proved a point across to the judge (if you get what I mean...I feel stupid cause there aren't too many cases of that happening like, wha?).

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Day 8: Make a list of your favorite destinations.

I would love to travel in the future and explore the world and it has been one of my many dreams that I wish to fulfill. I'm only gonna name 5 cities or else I'll just be naming the whole world, which you wouldn't want me to do. Enjoy!

Venice, Italy

I've always wanted to travel to Europe, especially Venice, in Italy. I've heard that Venice is known for it's boats and can be called 'City of Water.' I love Venice because of its beauty and it is and can be a historical place to visit. Venice, Italy, here I come! (In the future! - maybe)

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San Francisco, California, US

I've never been outside of Australia and I find other places very interesting. As a little girl, I dreamed of travelling the world and the place that I had in mind, apart of Venice, had been San Francisco in California (I think - I don't really know). I always would pretend to draw the Golden Gate Bridge, which ended up being a horrible fail. I mean, it would be fun to go to San Francisco.

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Paris, France

Ah, the city of love (according to the websites I've seen). I think I have some weird obsession with travelling to Europe, since Europe is full of history and landmarks. I think it is (not every but) a girls dream to visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, because it is so beautiful! Eiffel for the tower (puns bought to you by @kendzrosabell). France is full of history and its many places. Not to forget, the love that is in the air (@kendzrosabell).

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Olongapo, Philippines

I am a half Filipina and proud. And of course, I would want to visit my family in the Philippines. My family name, which is Obediente, is quite well known in Olongapo and we have many family friends, and many enemies that wish we were dead (if there are any enemies that are reading this...you didn't see my last name!). Plus, I am more on my Samoan side than my Filipina side, so I want to know more about my culture.

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I love my Samoan side of the family, and we have a lot of tradition which I find interesting. As I said in the Filipino one above, I said I am more on my Samoan side than the Filipina side, which is true. I have grown up around many Samoans than Filipinos which is quite interesting. I want to visit, yet again, for family purposes and I want to learn even more about my Samoan culture. And plus, I am so proud that Disney has done a movie about Islanders culture and even had an Islander Princess 👑

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And that is all for today! Hoepfully I won't forget anything anymore. I won't be doing anything for tomorrow, since I have church so yeah! I hope you enjoyed this article and it doesn't matter if you didn't.