For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with both reading and writing. Which has brought me here, to the new feature of WeHeartIt.

After lots of thinking, I decided to give the "Articles" feature a go. I'm excited to finally have an audience to share my ideas with, and finally have somewhere where my voice can be heard.

Brief Intro

Well, you can call me Alice, I'm sixteen, my favorite season is autumn, I'm a Leo, and I'm an artist.

Coffee or Tea?

I like both coffee, and tea, both of them are delicious.

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But What About Animals

I have six pets currently (I had seven, but recently one of my rabbits died). I have two dogs, three cats, one of which is named Mochi (she's my lil' fur baby), and a rabbit.

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Fashion & Styles

I particularly like the grunge/ alternative style, currently still looking for a good pair of Doc Martens, and I love a good flannel. Something about that angsty, moody look draws me to it.

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What Could I Possibly Be Posting?

I'm likely going to be posting reviews, tutorials, art, fashion, and a glorious mix of several of other things I like.

Before I Go

I do create aesthetic boards, I love them, and I'm also very into astrology, if anyone is ever interested in having an aesthetic board created, hmu :) I don't bite.

Until next time, Alice, xx