1. Sleeping. Not because I'm lazy or anything, it's just that sleeping helps so much when it comes to escaping anything problematic.
2. Reading. I love coming across a pretty good book that'll serve as a great stimulation for my mind.
3. Drinking Tea. No explanation. It's just damn good.
4. Taking pictures of flowers or trees. It's a pretty fun thing to do especially when you're just casually strolling past someone's garden. ;)
5. Talking to God. This is my favorite of all because I can vent freely with no hesitation.
6. Making adjustments. Whether it be to my pc's or phone's wallpaper clothes or even my shelf. i just find it relaxing and as an aid to release the inner creativity.
7. Buzzfeed. I love going on this website because the questions are hilarious. And who wouldn't want to know what Disney princess they are ?
8. Listening to Music. It's just soo satisfying to blast music in your ears after a long day or even when you're bored.
9.Writing. I write down everything. Seriously everything.
10. Meditating. Meditation is good at any point of the day. (unless you're in school or at work lol)