Living it was something I will never forget ...

The morning of September 19, 2017, I was present at the commemoration of the 32nd anniversary of the earthquake of 8.1 that shook the then Mexico City, the solidarity square located where the hotel "Regis" was the victim of this earthquake, decorated with wreaths of flowers, flag at half mast, the touch of silence and the minute with sirens ringing in it.

Recordings sounding background. Shocking.

At one o'clock I was in my classroom like any student in the city. Everyone thinking about what we would do when we got home or next day without even realizing what was to come.
The floor began with a trepidatory movement taking us less than five seconds to react at the same time that the seismic alarm sounded in the streets. Loyalty and affection more than anything kept me waiting for what I already considered as a sister, over time it was difficult to get out of the structure ... just the living room located on the first floor.

Fortunately we had been getting talks from our teachers telling us how we had to react, how we could save our life in that situation. The first thing I did was to cling to a column, pulling my friend's hand to hug her, too. I took the hands of my companions, sticking them to the walls so that they stopped moving in magnitude, the school trembled like gelatin, I could hear the screams of those who tried to go down the stairs, the trees that were seen by the windows were shaking that seemed eternal ... come to think that everything would end there.

When it calmed down a bit, I squeezed her hand with mine to get out as fast as we could. Dodging people still trapped in the nerves, paralyzing, in shock. When we reached the street, the traffic lights swayed and people moved as far away from the still-moving buildings as they could. I hug her, thinking the worst with tears in my eyes.

I breathed again as I felt it slowly stop, my friends were crying in the arms of others. The sound of the ambulances became noticeable after a few minutes and we all looked for a way to locate our loved ones, to return home.

The city was silent, the tension invaded the air and the images of what had left in its wake began to appear in the media. Strong enough for some eyes, landslides, fires, sinkholes, wounded. The glasses of the big skyscrapers on the floor.

This showed me the strength of nature. Maybe it means something because of 364 days that could have happened, it happened the same day as 32 years ago.

An experience to remember, now we can only stand up as we have always done and we will continue to do so.

Less than two weeks before the earth would move again beneath us.

I am Liss, I am 17 years old, Mexican and I lived the earthquake of almost three days ago. I hope people stop to read this, somehow wanted to express what happened from my point of view. Thank you.

Now more than ever, let us sing and not weep because this is how our hearts rejoice.
...With each son he gave you a soldier...