It's been almost a week since you called me
And since then, I couldn't stop thinking about it
Thinking about you
Thinking about how sweet you are

It amazes me how different you are from my ex
Even though you are good friends with him

I gained a little bit more hope when you spoke to me
You don't even know how important it was

I didn't want to pick up the call at first
But I'm so glad I did
I'm so glad you took the time to put those loving words into my soul

You knew exactly what to say
You let me pour out my heart
And listened carefully
I was falling and you picked me up

But the most important part
You reassured myself
You made me believe in myself again
You made me hear the things I needed to hear
The things no one ever had the courage or the will to say to me

I am slowly regaining myself
Picking up my broken pieces

I say I'm over him, but it still hurts, and you know it
It's hard to be constantly looking at a person
A person who once meant something to me, or at least I thought so
But at the same time, it's a lesson

I'm starting to believe in myself again
And I'm starting to realize how much I'm worth it
I deserve someone that sees in me what he spoke to me on the phone

I need a man whom I deserve
Intelligent, passionate, funny, understanding
But above all, a man that gives me the love I have always deserved but never received from anyone

I'm willing to be on my own just to find that man
I know it's hard, the road gets tough when you're alone
But I can manage
I always have

I used to say I didn't want anyone in my life
Maybe because of my stupid father
I had in mind that all men were the same
That all they ever did was hurt me and make me unhappy

But recently, I've been feeling empty
As if something, someone is missing

I think everyone deserves to experience true love
At least once in a lifetime
And I'm waiting for my turn to come.