Hello My Little Fellows,

Its me, your cult leader, Speckledmutt. As you all might know, I am a senior in high school this year and a third year Japanese language student. ( OOH WOW ) And this year my class has been picked out of all the other language programs in the U.S. to begin an international student learning group, and my class has been paired up with a lovely classroom in Japan. So we had to make online profiles on this controlled and protected learning website where we get to communicate across the world.

It is by after the coolest thing that has probably ever happened throughout my high school years. All the students from Japan are so sweet and kind and funny. This project is going to last about six more months and along the way we will send class videos to them and care packages full of stuff from America, and they will do the same. At the end we have the choice to swap contact information between each other to stay in touch, and honestly I really want to make a ton of new and great friends from Japan.

I've actually always wanted to go to Asia since was really young. I have always loved the diversity and just amazing varieties of history and culture. When I was In sixth grade I made a poster about China, honestly I was fairly happy with it. But currently I have my eyes set on traveling to Japan and experiencing their beautiful culture and interesting history.

Well I'm glad I got to share more about myself. Bye my mellow fellows.