After all the negative comments about hijabs, people are forgetting the true meaning behind it and what it's meant for. I started wearing mine on July 14, 2017, I had a party for me officially wearing it. That day changed my life forever because when people first lay their eyes on me from then on, they will automatically know that I am a Muslim and I wouldn't want it any other way. There may be people trying to bring me down, but there are more people bringing me up and that's all that matters. I was so nervous to go to school and I didn't know what people would think. It's been a month since school started and I have been accepted and treated like anyone else, even with a hijab on my head.

The hijab means a lot to me and wearing it is my choice, I was not forced. It's a chance for me to be able to feel different. The hijab means modesty, faith, protection, etc. It not only protects a woman from the eyes of men, instead it protects her from everything. It makes Muslim women feel complete and strong. Wearing a hijab isn't just about covering your hair, it's about expressing yourself and being your true you.

I am Muslim and I am from Iraq and I wouldn't want to be anyone else. If you want the hijab, you get it with me. We are part of a package. By wearing my hijab, I've encouraged my cousins to wear it and accept themselves. It makes me happy to see how strong they are. In a world full of hate, they wore it at a young age and didn't care about anyone's opinion. As I look at them, I see the future and generations of beautiful, strong women.