So this is my first article and I really just want to know how this works.

As you may know (most likely not) my name is Ana, I'm 17 years old and I am a proud Mexican.
I guess I just want you to know a little bit about me.
I am not really interesting nor really funny nor the most amazing thing that has walked this planet yet I am me, all in all I am...

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My hobbies include reading, writing, photography and pretty much any kind of art.
Do not confuse with my passions such as laughing, disagreeing, to never shut my mouth and pretty much being outraged by the lack of justice in this world.

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I would like to be a lawyer and a writer, singer, doctor, actress, dancer, fly attendant, photographer, make up artist, movie producer, interpreter, CEO of a big company, teacher, everything, everything. Happy, more than anything.
I want to do it all with such little time but I can't so right now I get by with just what I am: a broke student, passionate artist, strong survivor, proud Mexican, helper in progress and a girl with great expectations.

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Stranger reading, I am here and I am available.

We'll read us next time!
From México with love, Ana :)