Every since I moved into my new house two years ago, my room has been an absolute blank canvas for me. Everything was completely white and I didn’t have much colour to make it stand out and have it scream my personality. Until now. I think I’ve come a long way into making my living space really mine and if you are like me, keep on reading to find how to personalize and decorate your room!

1. If you’re really going all out, find a colour scheme. Pick around 3 main colours that you’d like your room to be whether it be blue, purple and pink or white, grey and gold. This will help to get a clearer picture of the aesthetic you want to your room to be.

2. Get use out of the things you add. For instance, if it’s a bean bag for your reading nook or a bulletin board for reminders, all of those things will not only benefit you in general but it adds a little part of you as well. For me, I have a large whiteboard that I use for “to do lists” and calendars. The bright colours of the markers make it stand out and make my room have more of a pop of colour. If you do have a specific colour scheme and you’d like to do the same, just buy white board markers of those colours.

3. If you’re on a budget like me, make it yourself! A lot of the decorations in my bedroom are handmade or pictures I’ve printed out which not only saves me a trip to the store but a lot of money too. You can get very creative with this!

4. Display what you have. When I say this, I don’t necessarily mean hang up a tapestry but more so if you have some nice pieces of jewellery you can display or clothes that you can hang from a rack.

5. Get inspiration from others by looking at pictures from pinterest or nice collections of rooms on We Heart It because they usually have incredibly beautiful looking rooms. I usually come across pictures like those that I add to my W.H.I. collection right away for inspiration later.

6. If you have a big blank wall that you don’t know what to do with, make it easy and hang up a tapestry or big picture. If this area looks a little blank then make it your go-to picture station. If it’s really aesthetically pleasing then you know you won’t be the only one getting shots from that in the future.

I hope that this little list of ideas helped you out in finding your niche or generally making your room more decorated/personalized. I do have a video up on my channel about how to make your own inspiration/mood board so check it out if you’re interest If you did enjoy this article, be sure to share it with your friends and send me a message down below!