This is Mexico. Mexican Red Cross has actually asked people to stop volunteering because so many have offered help.
This is Mexico. Restaurants are seving free meals, hotels are letting people spend the night at no cost, phone and internet providers are free for people to call their loved ones.
This is Mexico. Doctors, veterinarians, architects, structural engineers, nurses and others are working for free.
This is Mexico. Human chains are removing debris and rescuing people trapped in collapsed buildings.
This is Mexico. Civilians alone have established 1,145 collection centres, 78 clinics, 29 veterinary clinics and social media is flooded with people offering their homes to people in need.
This is Mexico. All hospitals (public, private, military) are offering assistance free of cost. Doctors are working double shifts.

This is Mexico. Pray for Mexico.

Whenever you have the opportunity to help, be it a human or an animal, do it. We all need some help sometimes. Let us be supportive, respectful and above all loving.