Hi everyone my name is Tamra, I'm 21 and from Massachusetts, I've been active on we heart for awhile and when I heard about the update on that articles are on the rise, After reading a first few articles I've been inspired to make them unique with creativity, Since we hearters are now on the rise I want to reach out to other people, connecting and networking as well.

here are the top 5 facts about me

#1 My love of makeup and clothes.

I've been loving makeup and clothes since as long as I can remember and shopping in general, almost every weekend my main friends and I would go to my local mall to look around and see whats new or go to the clearance section, We have been doing it together for the last four years and still going strong.

#2 Bands and Artists

Supporting my idol's and bands made a huge influence on me since my early teen's, some were good and others not so much as they use to be, Though some of them do sometimes come and go but the memories will forever stay.

#3 Big fan of the Boston Celtics.

Being a huge Celtics fan though out childhood growing isn't always rainbows and sunshine, To those who haven't been to a basketball game or any sports event before it can be crazy behind the scenes, Where is driving or taking the train to the city there's going to be lot's of insanity and sometimes stress, I have been attending the Celtics games a lot at a young age when Paul Pierce (who's now retired recently) was in the team, my parents and I use to represent him with our shirts and jersey's whenever we go to the game and even the big three, At twelve I got to witness banner number 17 to go up months after they won the 2007/08 season, By the time when I was seventeen both Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were traded to the Nets and at the time I was very upset, I'm still a fan of them to this day and let's hope that the next chapter with Kyrie Irving will a good one when the 2017/18 start's in less than a month.

#4 Concert Lover.

Concert's have been part of my life since my preteen years, So far I've to 16 concerts and hoping to more to come in the future, Even though it can get crazy but it's fun at the same time.

#5 Growing up with Autism

I'm just like any other human being but I know people think it is abnormal to have it but it make's me how I am today, Keep in mind not everyone on the spectrum is the same besides we come in all different shapes and sizes as well, I'm very thankful I have a good life with friends and family and just because I'm on the spectrum that doesn't mean they treat me differently.

hope you guys enjoy my 5 facts about me and if you got any article requests please message me your ideas.

Bye for now :)