⇝ part one : ⇜

I shut my eyes, and lean back on the seat. I had to admit, it was uncomfortable, even for an airplane. The sun dips behind a horizon, seemingly playing hide-n-seek, almost as if recalling its childhood. Which was about …, a few billion years ago.

My phone rings, and I ignore it, automatically constructing a sentence as an apology. 'Sorry, no reception in the sky. Haha, funny right? I'll tell them to get straight on it, so I can pick up your phone, next time.'

Someone interrupts my further thoughts by bustling into the economy cabin. "Alright, Mr. David, I'm terribly sorry this had to happen! We'll be giving you a refund, of-"
The man of interest raises an eyebrow, holding up a hand, interrupting the air-hostess. She smiles apologetically, politely waiting for him to rebut.
"It's Alex. And, right, 'atever ya' want." Alex snorts, wedging his Ray-Bans deeper, shadowing his pupils, almost as if he was applying a second layer of skin. He certainly seemed used to this kind of drama. I wonder why?

I start to object when I realize he's going to have to sit next to me; the empty seat that I thought I had scored. There wasn't much fun in economy, but, I thought this could count.
However, he dismisses the lady, who flaunts off, and faces me, dangerously near. He pulls his sunglasses a bit lower, his startlingly caramel eyes meeting mine.

"Sorry to rain on yer' parade, though, darl'. You don't mind, though, do you?" Alex pursues his lips in a thin line, not the tiniest spark of an apologetic tone.
I scowl, rolling my eyes and picking up my bag, adjusting myself in this new, cramped space.

"Keep your sympathies to yourself, David. I'll be fine." Having answered him, I scoot closer to the window, drawing a line on any further conversation before he can object.

Alex doesn't answer. He barely sighs, looking away and fixing his sunglasses. I exhale in relief, expecting some snappy comeback from such a busybody.
But, we remain in silence, him looking out nervously at the aisle, and me looking at the take-off lane, observing the, uh, bumps in the concrete.

However, this notion is shattered by the same, sheepish air hostess.

"Did you want any drinks? On the house!" She announces, her eyes crinkling. She flutters her eyelashes, just because she finds him attractive, but let's not lie, that wouldn't be noticed by only a detective.
Her lips are painted a shade of pink, and her cheeks look pinched and rosy, with a fleeting white grin.

Alex feigns ignorance, but ends up speaking. "You got any Bulleits?" He questions, a certain thirst to his voice, which is already deep and in-control.

The woman looks confused, and before she confirms whether she does or not, he continues.
"Nevermind 'at, 'en. You'd know if you did. Just a Bloody Mary," At this point, he turns and looks at me, and I blink, surprised to be caught staring. I focus on the magazine on my lap, dazed.

"May she get you anythin'?" Alex asks, a much gentler tone settling in. I engage eye-contact, and shrug, smoothly. Fine, he could owe me a drink.

"Your top bourbon." I tilt my face, ignoring Alex and facing the air-hostess, who looks aggravated. Alex places a hand on my arm for a split-second, barely enough time for me to register the contact, and shakes his head, neither of us looking at each other, but both of us staring at cabin-host.

"Forget 'at. 'ey haven't got a 'top' bourbon.' He breathes, referencing the other drink. I sigh, wanting this to be over and done with. It was exhausting.

"A margarita. Is that fine, now? Alright?" I mock, rolling my eyes again. Alex makes some sort of noise that makes the air-hostess even more alert, and discreetly, she draws attention towards her breasts.
Really? Arousal?

"Yeah. 'at'll be all. In a few," Alex's eyes skim over the woman's nameplate, but never burning through for any other reasons. "Annie." He finishes, satisfied.

Annie grins, blinking with much more exaggeration. She saunters off, completely forgetting about me. 10 bucks on her not even knowing what a margarita is.

Alex settles back in his seat, and if on cue, the plane slowly takes off, the captain's announcement long behind us, and the travel-blues washing over me.