the cosmos threads its seams through the hearts of ladies, the universe roots its ideas in the heads of women.

— untitled | d.x.y (via illuminosity)

i. most girls by hailee steinfeld;
ii. power by little mix ft. stormzy;
iii. that's my girl by fifth harmony;
iv. love myself by hailee steinfeld;
v. shout out to my ex by little mix;
vi. blow your mind by dua lipa;
vii. into you by ariana grande;
viii. no more sad songs by little mix;
ix. new rules by dua lipa;
x. be the one by dua lipa;
xi. competition by little mix;
xii. hotter than hell by dua lipa;
xiii. touch by little mix;
xiv. starving by hailee steinfeld;
xv. doing it by charli xcx ft. rita ora. | songs to make you feel empowered and confident.