Okay, so I've been meaning to write something for a while now, and I'm not sure if somebody even reads the kinds of things I put on here or if people find them boring, but I'ma do so anyways.
So by now, every student should've gone back to school, and back to school season is over already, so maybe I'm a bit late (by the way I couldn't contain my excitement, because in case you didn't know, tomorrow, Friday, September 22,2017 is the FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN!!! Although where I live there's no real difference between spring, summer, and autumn, and then winter is the real autumn, I still couldn't help my enthusiasm. Anyways back to the article→).
I was browsing the internet the other day when I came upon this thing (I don't know what to call it), which basically said how school and the entirety of the education system has taken away the enjoyment of many activities, and I related to it sooo much. Now I don't want to sound ungrateful, because I do realize many people don't have the opportunities that I have, however, that doesn't take away from the fact that it could be better.

School has taken away my ability to enjoy the things I've always loved. For example, I've always loved music, writing, reading, those kinds of things. And I've taken classes for everything I love and I can say it isn't the same. Don't get me wrong, I still love all these things, but when I took those classes my intentions were to learn more about them and enhance my abilities and walk away with greater knowledge than I had before. Though I still learned new things, at the time, learning because I wanted to, didn't seem as important as passing the class, and making sure I got good grades. School makes students doubt themselves in ways they never did before, it makes them feel like a failure when they don't get the best grade in something. It morphs them into thinking that if they don't have "perfect" grades they'll never get into a good university/college, and therefore will never have a good future ahead of them. And some teachers make it worse by telling them " Oh, you didn't get a good grade on the exam because you didn't study because you don't care about your future", when God knows you spent every waking moment available trying to get everything photographed into your head.
We can't all be the best at everything, no matter how hard we try. Then sometimes, the school board tries to make it "better" & they end up making it worse & stressing us out even more.When we try to improve and expand our knowledge and abilities at a point where it just gets so stressful we end up quitting, when we stop caring about whether or not we understood something for the sake of learning & start memorizing it all temporarily just to pass the class, school is pretty useless.
♦♦♦ I have no idea what this was, sorry for making it so long. I'm certain nobody will even bother reading it due to it's length but I just had to let it out. Thank you if anyone did though, it means a lot to me someone took their time of day to read this♦♦♦