Hello ♡ers! I made a list of some of my favourite exercises.

You can do them at home or at the gym, your choice. Those exercises are adequate for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The number of sets are optional, do as many as you wish. If you want to see results quickly, do these at least 3 times a week.

(Don't forget to talk to your doctor before attempting to do these exercises.)


1 minute Burpees
1 minute Jumping Jacks
1 minute Squats
1 minute Mountain Climbers
1 minute Rest
1 minute Jump Rope
1 minute Plank
1 minute High Knees
1 minute Crunches


20x Plank Twists
20x Bicycle Crunches
20x Leg Raises
20x Russian Twists
20x Side Crunches (each side)
10x Hip Raises


20x Squats
20x Lunges (each side)
20x Fire Hydrants (each side)
20x Donkey Kicks (each side)
20x Hip Bridges


10x Pushups
20x Superman
20x Shoulder Press
20x Deadlifts

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Combine all of these exercises for a more effective workout! If you are consistent, your results will show in a small amount of time. Don't forget to stay hydrated. Have fun working out!

- Love, Mariana