I’m a huge tattoo fan! I think I have 8 or 9 of them! Some of my tattoos are small, and all of them have a special meaning.

At 18 or 19 I started thinking about getting a tattoo, I wanted something with meaning and something big. For me having a tattoo is a big decision is not something you do just because, you need to be sure and go to a really good studio.

Before getting my first tattoo I finish a really long relationship so I wanted something that represented that change in my life. I was thinking about write something a special phrase, now that I think about it I was a really stupid tattoo!

My first tattoo was… 6 years ago and it’s a pretty funny story. One day after class I met one of my friends for some drinks, it was happy hour! And we drank for hours! We drank beer, tequila, mojitos and chicha lol after that we were walking really drank and my friend saw a tattoo studio and told me he was going to pay for my tattoo, I didn’t think twice and I said YES! I chose an arab phrase for my ankle. Even though I was so drank it was really painful! Next day a barely remember that I did the night before I only saw blood and feel so much pain and then I saw my tattoo! I hide it for 10 months from my parents until we made a trip to the beach and they saw it, they didn’t say anything. I always wonder if my tattoo had the meaning it suppose to have and one day I meet a girl who speak arab and she told me the meaning It doesn’t mean “be happy” as I thought be it means something like “the ultimate blassing” it’s not my favorite tattoo but it has a funny story tho I plan to cover it up if I can take the pain.

My second tattoo was on my ribs, a lot of say it’s a really painful part of the body, but for my it’s not I think it depends on the person. My tattoo was because I cover it up, a phrase “wait for my in hell” one of my ex gave me the tattoo, it was in a pretty shitty place tho and It was a really ugly tattoo. That day he got my lips tattooed on his chest I wasn’t really happy about because we were darting for 3 weeks or so and it something permanent! He still have it tho! I got a better tattoo last year and now has a lot of colors and it say “wait for me in helheim” I really love that tattoo it’s really pretty and I now that if I don’t go to Valhalla I’ll be lucky enough to go to Helheim with Hela.

My next tattoo was the biggest I have it’s my favorite! And it’s a Mamushka a Russian doll! I got it 3 years ago. It was birthday present from my ex boyfriend he was my first boyfriend and we spend 7 years together, another fucker! It is in my left arm and it was so fucking painful it took 7 hours to be done and I almost die it was really really painful but it’s pretty and really well done, I didn’t it with a really good tattoo artist and I just love it! I have never told anyone the meaning because is really personal, but I have write here some really personal shit so why not? A Russian doll always have inside an odd number of small dolls 3, 5, 7… for me odd numbers or things mean imperfection so, the doll means that being not perfect is perfect. I didn’t because I always feel that everyone spect me to be perfect the perfect daughter, the perfect girlfriend the perfect friend… I’m not perfect I’m like everyone else I make mistakes I have bad days… and after so many years I realized that tying to be perfect and do what the rest of world want me to do was making me so unhappy so just start to life my life and make my own decision be how I’m and do what I want! And that tattoo represents that.

The third one was… actually Are tattoo #4,5 and 7 all at once! One of my friends have a friend who is a tattoo artist and I ask him for a tattoo my favorite band logo! Rammstein über alles! So he was going to do it and some days before there was a riot on the city and there were no public transportation! And we were talking about it and I was like no, everything is normal here so we made a bet so if I could be able of take a bus to go to my university he will give me a free tattoo and I won! I got Rammstein’s logo tattooed on my back on the right side, not painful at all! And then I got my feet tattooed It was more than painful I got “born to die” on my feet because well I love Lana del Rey! And that song in some how represent my relationship with my fucking ex boyfriend and I did it in one of our breaks or not… no I think we were talking to each other when I did it. Anyway those are my other 3 tattoos!

So tattoo #7 the most silly of all! It’s a rocket on my left arm. It was really painful too and I don’t like it that much I also plan to cover it up. I did it because of my ex best friend. I was kinda in love with her, she was so important to me we used to share everything and one day her girlfriend broke up with her and she was so sad, so I told her that we should get matching tattoos! And she was so excited she chose a rocket I don’t know why and we did it, it was her first tattoo, months later we finish our friendship, that broke my heart and I hate that tattoo now.

And finally tattoo 8 it’s a lotus flower on my chest between my boobs and I did it after my ex and I broke up last year, it means that something change, that I change and I grew up as a person. I really like it, it’s not really big but it’s pretty.

<3 L