Tattoos are actually a real big deal, it’s something that will last forever, so it’s really important to really think about what are you tattooing.

If you are having some second thougths about what are you tattooing, here are some advices for you:

1. If you are having your first tattoo, I highly recommend to make something small, so if you regret, it will be easy to hide.
2. Tattoo something that really means something for you, but more important, something that you know you will care forever, like your mother’s or you Little brother’s name
3. Try to draw it first, if you don’t know how to draw, you can ask a friend or the tattoo man to draw it for you; When you see the draw, try imagine it in your skin, then you’ll know if it is the rigth one
4. Fort the love of God, Do NOT tattoo a guy’s name, if he is you husband, maybe. But not a guy that you have known for 3 months, PLEASE
5. Don’t look over for the cheapest tattoo store, not everyone can make a good tattoo.
6. When you are in the store, make sure the guy or girl who is tattooing you wash everything good, make sure he (she) uses gloves, your security is first.
7. Do some search, you gotta now what comes with a tattoo, rigth?

I really hope this article worked for you, if you have any questions or a topic you want me to talk about, you can always message me.

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