A couple of days ago BTS released their new album for their comeback. So many people have been waiting for this comeback (like me) and I was not disappointed! the song had over 13 million views in just 24 hours. Some other awesome songs had been released as well, such as, Dimple, Her, and I think one of our favorites, Serendipity.

Not only were their songs awesome, but they did a great job with the teasers. I love the way they had Jungkook whistling in the beginning, then they started dancing for a couple of seconds, and then left us on the edge of our seats literally crying. Not only did they do those teasers, but they released a trailer song, Serendipity. Jimin's vocals ripped my heart out. His high notes killed me!

DNA is my favorite song right now, and will be known as always breaking records. 13 million is crazy!!! DNA will go down in history.