All Night it's the new song of Girls' Generation,the song talks about a love in a party night and this love still most hotter and atractive,but this love never change,no matter how,and this not enough,the songs talk about every love demonstration,and this is the reason for the Drag Queens still in the MV

''if we get it on we can leave the love takes us''

of course this is meaning the fact of,you gotta to leave things happenned in your own rythym,without rush,you gotta to enJOYing the life in any aspects

''Smile together''

How i said here,love is love,peace is peace,so let's leave our worries in your place and let's smile to life.

''baby face''

No matter how old is your relationship with your boyfriend,everything can keep like before,with the inocence and beauty when the relationship start


Everything will be fine,just this ;).