Hi to who is on the other side of the screen
I don't why I'm writing this but I think that the main reason is to simply do something with my time. Anyway this article is not going to be any list of thing or tips or anything like that i just want to share what I think or feel and also I want to let you know that I'm here for anything you need (hopefully that's not going to be any illegal).
But you may be asking why I want to do that or maybe no but I'm going to tell you anyway. I want to do that because when I was fifteen I would really like to have someone there for me too and now that i have the chance to do something I'm gonna do it.
I'm not trying to say that I know what you are going through maybe you don't even have a problem, but we all are people, and we all need to talk sometimes. We all need to talk with someone who we can trust and someone who isn't going to judge. And I'm going to try to be that person so if you want to talk to me just send a postcard no matter the reason and it doesn't matter if you think it is stupid because if you think that you need to talk about it just for a second that its enough important to me.

Said this I'm gonna talk a little about me because I don't think that you are going to trust in me if you don't know me. there's nothing important about my life. I live in a small city that probably nobody knows that exist, I'm studying to be a translator one day (so if you are a native English speaker o just someone who know English and could spot a mistake let me know). My family is a little different from the normal type of family but for me there are only two important persons my sister and my “brother” actually he is not my brother, but he used to be my stepbrother and i still love I'm as a brother. And basically that is all about me.
Well I don't know what else I can write so if you wanna do me questions or give me topics to talk about I would be happy to read them.