Let me tell you what I'm doing right now. Im sitting in my dining room not saying a word because if i dare to, i sound like I smoke six packs a day. Im pausing my typing to continue my coughing fit. this happens every 10 minutes. Im sick. What were you expecting? Probably a beautiful tumblr model, pausing to type this article before my 4 hour workout? A fruit bowl waiting for me on my crimson wood table in my very own amazingly decorated L.A apartment? More like looking at other peoples beautifully decorated L.A apartment through professionally edited, prefect filter pictures. Which leads me to my first reason.

1) It gives us a flicker of inspiration to make our lives like the ones we see on this app. which is a good thing. but also kind of sad if u think about it.

2) There are thousands of people, just aching for this to be they're safe space. Emo, depressed, grunge, girly. whatever it is by putting out pictures that we can relate to but no one can dislike, comment, only heart. it makes you feel less alone and like people can relate to what you put out there.

i would write more but im lazy and must continue watching glee. hope u enjoy.