Classes have just started. You have a lot of stuff to do and you need to start studying... Please don't panic. As a med student, I know how you feel, believe me...

But you know what? I have been able to pass everything with good grades, and let me tell you, you are going to make it too.

If you are wondering how you can easily improve your time studying, here you have some useful tips:

1. Make your own notes
When you write and summarize, when you make little draws that explain a concept: that's when your brain is really working and understanding better. If you have understood it once, then you will always be able to remember it. So make your own notes, those that make you understand and remember easier.

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2. Use colors

For many people using colors is just a waste of time and money (yes, stationary sometimes is a little expensive...). However, using colors is a really good way of remembering things. You help your brain to get organized. When you read your notes it's easier you can remember everything.

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3. Quiz yourself

When you study, you want to learn. But also, you want to pass your exams. A simple thing to do that can help you is test yourself with questions, exercises, and tests about the subject.

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4. Use a planner

If you don't have much time, this will help you to achieve your study goals.

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5. Take breaks

There is no use in sitting in a chair even if you know your mind is tired. So go out for a few minutes, dance to music, eat something and come back some minutes later. If you do this, you will keep motivated for all day.

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6. You are the one that knows what tips are useful for you and which are not. Try these, if it doesn't work for you, you can always think about better tips. Trust yourself.

7. Smile. Always, please (:

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