You know, one thing I've never imagined is that my friends would be one of the most important things in my life. I had no ideia of how much they would be the safe spot to all my insecurities, my problems and my joy because not everything in life is bad. They are wonderful people, those who when we recall a memory, they are in most of them, even if they are bad ones. We can have an infinity of friends but the true ones, those who we call for help when we need to hide a body, we can count in one hand. We all have that friend, who is most like family, because of all the memories that we had lived. An unbreakable bond, and an amazing one to live. Those who were there all the time and we never realized, but when we gave it a try to know them, they became the most especial people that you had the pleasure to meet. Those who we met for the first time but it feels like it's a friendship of many years. And last but not least, those who we thought were forever but in the end they were nothing. We have moments, the arrival of new people and the hard goodbyes of those who were just passengers. I apreccieted all of them. because they made who I am today. The ones who laugh with me when I was happy and those who dried my tears when I needed, for supporting me in my crazy dreams and my plans. I learned that even if they won't be around in the future, which i hope they do, be for a fight or just because of life, I understand that they brought something to me, could be a lesson or just memories, whatever it is, life goes on but the feelings remained.