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The reason why I love the colder months is because you can stay in bed and watch movies all day without feeling bad for it. Since the weather is bad - or in my dictionary, cosy - no one will force you to go outside.

Therefore I've decided to compile a list of September movies I think you should watch before this month end.

Don't forget to grab a cup of tea and light your candles.


In my case, the type of movies I watch varies. So here are some movies that soothe my Spetember vibe craving.

Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone.

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harry potter, ron weasley, and hogwarts image harry potter, hogwarts, and hermione granger image computer, hermione granger, and cute image harry potter, Halloween, and hogwarts image
Because it's the first movie, the beginning, and so is September.


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alex, amor, and arm image
It just makes you feel light and warm.

Naomi and Ely's no kiss list.

couple and love image ely, naomi, and movie image
ely, naomi, and no kiss list image
It's cosy and sweet.

How to train your dragon.

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hiccup, dragon, and smile image hiccup and how to train your dragon image
Vikings and dragons. Perfect.


miley cyrus, lol, and miley image
miley cyrus, lol, and life image miley cyrus, lol, and couple image bedroom, decor, and lol image paris, lol, and friends image


twilight, robert pattinson, and kristen stewart image twilight, edward, and new moon image
twilight and the twilight saga image
Many people hate it but it puts you in a autumnal mood.

If you have any other September movie suggestions, please send me a postcard so I can check them out!

If you have any other questions or such, feel free to message me.

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