Hello *^* Now if you are reading this, it's probably because you deliberately searched (good choice) or you just stumbled on it (also a good choice)! But whatever you did, this is going to help you become kawaii without changing your personality completely. Remember, be your own person! :3

Be Bold

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Kawaii fashion is your own flow! It is about standing out and being unique, no matter how you look like It's about trying new things and being a bit daring. So experiment with different colours and designs; try something new that no one else has maybe done before. Express yourself. Choose pastel colours which can be seen as soft but also beautiful. This doesn't mean you should wear things you are not comfortable with wearing! You can choose how far you want to go! You can:
-Dye your hair in fun colours
-Wearing cute accessories
-Have multiple cute badges on your bags or purses

Be Confident

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Now who cares about who you are all we know is that you are going to be kawaii! Race, ethnicity, the way you talk, the way you look blah blah blah. They are just words! The start of becoming kawaii is embracing yourself and wanting the whole world to know. The first way to become kawaii is not caring what anyone thinks. Secondly, make sure you have good friends who support you! Lastly, if you like what you see in the mirror when wearing your look, good people will like what they see when the notice you walking down the street!

Be Kawaii (Looks)

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Now you know that you look beautiful just the way you are (you probably already know this) it's time to look the kawaii part! "But how?", I hear you ask. Well:

1. Wear something that screams out 'cute'!
Keep it innocent yet bold. Wear frills and ribbons which are colourful and fun. Think about outfits that are seemingly childish and elegant. Bows, bracelets and necklaces can be a great addition too!

2. Do kawaii makeup. The whole point of this is to keep it simple and innocent, not something smoking hot. I suggest watching Jemma Kuma's makeup tutorials on YouTube. Also, once you get comfortable, you can customise the makeup to your own preference.

3. Do your nails. Nail art can show your cute creative side. Go on YouTube and search 'DIY Nails'. You will not be disappointed, believe me. If you want to keep it simple, I recommend a nice, neat manicure.

4. Use tricks. There are many trick to looking kawaii. Let's take for instance your eyes. Kawaii girls and boys are often seen with large eyes, signifying innocence. A trick to getting this look is by laying an ice-cold washcloth on your eyes for about five minutes which will widen your eyes. This can also e achieved with makeup. For your nails, why don't you add cute stickers on top of them? How kawaii would that be!?

Be Kawaii (Personality)

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To learn more inspiration, watch anime. There are different types of genres so you may find your kawaii role model! But these role models aren't only in anime. Like you may be scrolling on Facebook and boom - you find that amazing person! Talking about Facebook, don't only have online friends, have real friends. They don't have to be kawaii. All you need is love and support. Never ever ever though hide away your true personality.Now our last tip kawaii children. I've repeated this so many times because it is vital. Be yourself! Don't force yourself to do all these kawaii tips, do what you want! *-*

So that's it
How To Be Kawaii!