Hello my beautiful friends! As you can see in the title, this is exactly what I will be talking about! Starting tomorrow, it will be officially fall! Right now is Southern California, it is cloudy and rainy, and in so, it's putting me in the mood!

autumn, fall, and coffee image

Things you need for a rainy, stay at home day:

1. a comfy outfit

Whether it be pajamas, a long tee-shirt with knee high socks, get yourself out of your outfit that you wore that day! Nothing says 'relax" like a cozy outfit!

Superthumb Superthumb
Don't those look cozy and inviting?!

2. Food and drinks (optional)

Okay, okay, I love my food and drinks during this weather! I love to cook up a nice bowl of soup (you can make yourself or have it canned) or any type of treats! However, hot chocolate is a must! And if you don't like hot chocolate, tea or coffee is a great substitute!

soup autumn autumn autumn

3. Setting

So there are many places to be cozy in your house or apartment! You can watch Netflix in the living room with a nice, warm blanket, with your food and drink. Or you can watch it in your bed with your laptop, television, or something that is extremely amazing is your homemade movie screen!

Superthumb apple bed
Didn't even think of watching it this way, but this is so cool!


So, I have compiled a list of different movies for this season and this list is semi long, and in so, I will be making a part 2 to this article!!!