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we ♡heart♡ it is a way for me to express myself whilst getting inspired by others, so letting the we heart it community get to see a glimpse of me is not more than fair (?!?)
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❁ i was born on a cold day in ➳february, year 2000 which makes me seventeen years old
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✧ i am studying a program that includes a lot of science and math even though languages, literature and music makes me happier ⇜
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✩ khalid is one of my favorite singers, the lyrics he sings always tend to speak to me and i love the song ☾ silence ☽ especially the part “ i found peace in your violence “
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◦ my nationality is a topic that is very important to me. sometimes it feels like i don't really have one place to go, since i have two countries that i long for. the craving of home makes me feel uncomfortable, proud, privileged, lucky and sometimes mad, but most of all, thankful.
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♫ i usually listen to music that i can relate to. i have a major playlist of heartbreak and sing-along-songs.
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❥ do not let me forget to mention, i am a vegetarian. i love animals so much
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♡ i struggle a lot with my feelings and i'd love to help people out, so do not be scared to hit me up if you ever need someone to talk to. thank you for reading my first article ♡