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Dear Beautiful You,

Some days are hard, because you can't see where life is heading yet.
But, believe me, it will change!
God send you here for a reason with a vision and a purpose. In His perfect timing He will bring you into the right place.

What seems perfect to you, doesn't need to be Gods best for you.
Follow His lead. Keep on believing. You WILL get there!

It starts with the small things, which will grow into the big ones.
Start being faithfull with the little. Love your mother, be nice to your neighbor, listen to this lonely classmate you don't like. Love people and serve them. Be an example. Show Jesus love. The rest will come. Let it grow!
Start planting seeds of righteousness in others lives every single day. And God will give you what He wants to give you in the right place. Not because you finally decide to trust Him, but because He chose to give you His grace.

Start living like Jesus walks with you.

He will go wherever you go.
He will make you grow.

Feel free to send me a message or a question about God!

God bless!