Writing challenge day 4, list of things I can't live without.

Today it will be a pretty short and simple article cause I don't have that much time to write it. Hope you will like it anyways. :)

* Phone

My phone = my baby, my world, my soul. I do everything, EVERYTHING on my phone. Mostly I write down book ideas or lyric ideas I get and my phone is the thing closest to me for the most of the time.

* Music

Music= my life, my escape. For most of the hours of the day that I'm awake you will find me with music in my ears. Sometimes the music follows with me even when i fall asleep at night.

* Laptop

Laptop= my tool. Alaptop for me is very important, cause it's the thing i make my own music on and the thing I write most of my things on. without a laptop I don't know what I would do.

* My creativity

My creativity= Me. Witout my creativity I don't know what I would do. Everything would be so boring and normal.

Well that's all I have for today, my eyelids are starting to close so I guess it time for me to say night night
, so I will see you again tomorrow. :)