So i am a newbie to the WHI community and i decided to make an input by writing an article. I hope people actually read thiss. Here goes...
Things that come to me randomly:
Thinking of my cute little dog,pea, and how she always comes running whenever i make the "p" sound hence her name.
How God made a lot of wonderful people that aren't all that good, all bad, but all contribute to my life experiences.i am so happy i made some mistakes but i am over it and moved on.
The fact that i am able to taste several different ice cream flavors like mint chip,and savoring an ice cream cake with velvet layers within.
Looking at DIYS that i mostly likely won't try but its rather satisfying watching other people come up with new and creative ways to do thinngs
Well if more people read and heart this i would be super happy and encouraged to post more
Signed Carla