I've been looking around and I haven't really found a tag about studying law, so I've decided to create my own short tag.

1. When did you realize you want to study law?
I was about 9 y/o.
2. Why did you decide to study law?
I've always wanted to help people, so I wanted to become a doctor. But later I realized that I can't stand blood. After watching some movies about lawyers I've decided that studying law is my second choice, because I was interested by it and I could still help people/society.
3. For how long you've been studying law?
For 2 years.
4. What has been your favourite subject so far?
Constitutional law.
5. What has been your least favourite subject so far?
Roman law.
6. Which career path do you see yourself in (e. g. do you want to be a lawyer, judge, prosecutor...)?
I see myself as judge.
7. What is your favourite movie/TV series about law?
For me is Legally Blonde and The Devil's Advocate.