Day 5: Write a short story

Stand Up

Anne looked around herself. She was in a one of the most prestigious dance school in a country. This was her dream since she was a little kid. She'd always imagine herself dancing on a stage, with a big smile on her face, precisely spinning and doing all the amazing jumps and flips while the crowd that was watching her would go wild with every move she'd nail. She would be proud of herself, she'd boost with confidence and even the sky wouldn't be her limit.

A current classroom that she was in had everything a dancer could ever dream of. On the walls were massive mirrors, perfectly clean without a single stain on it. A big, astounding, white piano stood proudly in a corner of the room, like it was waiting for it's pianist to come and make him sing a perfect harmony that would spread a positive energy throughout the building. What Anne liked the most about the room was the big window on the only wall that wasn't covered in mirrors that showed a beautiful view of the city they were in. It was ten p.m. and she admired the city lights that were shining from afar.

Who says that we can't make our own stars?

" Anne, what are you doing? Don't you know the motto of this school? " Anne's ballet teacher, Elise, walked into the classroom. She caught Anne daydreaming again when she was supposed to rehearse.

"I didn't, Miss... I just needed a short break." Anne insecurely said. The truth is, that she just couldn't find enough mental strength in her to let go and do that Saut de Basque . Anne was afraid. She just knew that she'd fall on her head and break her leg or neck. That would be mean an end to her dancing career.

Dance was the reason she woke up in the morning. And she believed that every dancer should know his limit. This was hers.

"From what, Anne? When I accepted your application for this school, I expected more from you. There's no time for breaks. I've been trying to see that move from you all day. Show me what's the problem." Elise was loosing all her patience today. Anne saw it on her face.

"I...I-" Anne stuttered. She couldn't tell Elise that she was afraid. You weren't allowed to be afraid in dance. That was it, she'd had to do it. She'll fall and in three days they'd ship her back to Madison. This was surely the end.

" Anne, now." Elise pushed.

So, Anne did it. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Inhale, exhale. Many did this before her. She can do it. She's a strong dancer and independent female. She tried to encourage herself. She made a step, two and then started with grand battement à la seconde. Her body turned as she folded her pushing foot into the other leg.

She can't, she can't, she'll fall... She repeated in her head. Panic overwhelmed her. Her whole body shook in fear and it was like her brain stopped functioning.

The whole world stopped for a second. People stopped walking. Stars stopped shining and the Earth didn't revolve around the Sun.

And she fell.

A big thud echoed through the classroom. Anne didn't know what hit her. She felt like she fell from the third story. She blankly stared at the ceiling, waiting to feel any pain. Was she even still alive? Why didn't she feel something, anything?

A heavy silence occupied wonderful dance studio. Anne felt like the centuries were passing.

Will she ever succeed? Will she find her spot under the stars or be in their shadow forever?

"Tell me, Anne, now that you fell, what are you afraid of?" Miss Elise finally broke the silence. "Are you still afraid to jump? Or are you gonna do it?" She asked, but Anne didn't feel like she was supposed to answer that. She, herself, didn't even know how to answer that.

"Are you going to lay on the ground, on the floor that you fell on or are you going to stand up, jump and rise above it?" Suddenly, Anne lifted her torso up, wanting to take a look at Miss Elise. She was standing a few steps away from her, clutching the little notebook she always carried around with herself.

She looked strangely fierce. Anne suddenly noticed the light she always had. She could never put a name of the aura Miss Elise had,but now, she showed her something that she never noticed before; passion. Her hazel, round eyes shone with dedication and her lips were squeezed in a straight line.

"Because, dear Anne, the only thing you should be afraid that you will break is your faith. You're setting your own limits, Anne, but you're also the one that can move it's boundary."


This is officially my first short story. I didn't expect it to turn out like this, but I'm kinda glad it did. I hope you liked it.

Until tomorrow,

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