Hello again, my darling scroller, and thank you for joining. It's time for our second article of the day. We'll make another list! Yeah, shut up. I don't make the rules here. I could change them, I suppose, but honestly, am I capable of doing something like that? I don't think so. I’m a good girl (the sound of my mom hysterically laughing in the distance). This article though won’t be as long as the others, I promise. The reason for that is that I would talk about things I’ve already talked before and I don’t like repeating myself. We’re going to talk about things I can’t live without. Now, because I’ve already talked about my family, friends and books, I’ve already covered quite a few things that belong on this list. Therefore, I’m going to talk about something else. About something I didn’t talk about before (or at least not to this extend). So, here’s to day four: Make a list with things you couldn't live without:

1. Air
The feeling of freedom and the gentle touch of sunlight on my skin give me the ability to catch oxygen with my body trees.

2. Water
Careful caresses of the wind and the fresh smell of green grass give me thirst to drink mountain’s tears.

3. Food
Warm yet sharp sounds of my violin and singing birds that urge me to dance to their poems make me hungry for life’s richest flavours.

4. Roof over my head
Stories, full of mystery, excitement, peace and pure magic, with their princes and their queens, their warriors and their witches make me feel safe and protected. They give me shelter to run and hide, to live and finally, finally sleep blissfully.

5. Love and support
People, that I sometimes tragically despise, and animals I somehow always believe in, give me joy and chairs to seat on, when I can’t stand anymore.

Honestly, I didn’t want to make such a list, I wanted it to be funny. But, oh well. It happened anyway. I could still make a mini list of actual physical things I can’t live without like: hairbands (they always go missing, why do they always go missing?), tissues (I always have them… except when I need them of course), lip balm (dear lord… it’s practically the Atacama Desert on my lips), socks (I really mean clothes in general but I always lose my socks, so I guess that’s why I miss them the most. The only consolation is that a house elf might have found them and somehow got free by using them) and that’s pretty much it. I think it might be convenient if I also had necessary medication, pads and other most needed hygiene products to live a long and happy life. But if we’re going to talk about first worlds’ problems then I’d probably add my mp4 and headphones. Probably a phone as well because I don’t know any of the numbers by heart, so calling someone for help when there’s no one else around would be quite hard I should think.

Aaaaand we made it! Another list is done, two in fact! Who’s winning this list thing? This gal pointing at myself! I’m not really, but please let me enjoy this.
There’s only one article left for today, I’m not sure what it is, but I think (HOPE) it’s not another list (because let’s be honest, I’m rubbish at them).
So that’s it for now. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a lovely evening (night/morning/afternoon).

Much love, Nani.