Hello dear virtual friends! ♡

It's cool to write here just like in a blog, because I'm a blogger, so I love writing, u know. I decided to "blog" here in English, 'cause I speak and write in my blog in Hungarian, a.k.a. the devil's language. (Anyway, I live here: https://mindenurlfoglalt.blogspot.com) I love to motivate YOU, so here will be lots of motivational stuff and everything else which will be here, haha.
But the question is now: who the f... am I?

beauty book
  • An ordinary girl from Hungary, called Thea - no it's not my official name, just a bloggername.
  • I go to high school and well, trying to learn hard.
  • Having dark brown hair and eyes and glasses, but it isn't brown haha.
  • My friends' opinion is that I am kind, helpful, a real dreamer, and every good attribute. No, it's not true, but I am probably kind and helpful. When I am having a good day. I'm trying. c:
  • I'm in love with the nature and especially with the sky.
  • As I have mentioned before I love to motivate you and even myself with my articles.
  • And also sorry for my English, I know it isn't perfect.

That's all for now, hope you'll be here any time!

Thank you for reading my article! Bye bye, be good. ♡
- Thea