Hi there, how are y'all doing today? I hope you are doing well. ♡

My name is Thea and I'm a blogger from Hungary. I decided to write some articles here in English, because I would love to spread my thoughts all around the world. ✈

But now the real question is: who am I?

  • just an ordinary girl with big dreams
empowerment, motivation, and quotes image fairy, mermaid, and pink image
  • having short, brown hair and eyes
hair, style, and lips image makeup, eyes, and eye image
  • my favorite colors are pink and blue
flowers, rose, and pink image nails, blue, and dior image
  • in love with pets and nature, especially with the sky
cat, cute, and animal image summer, tree, and sky image
  • my English might not be perfect, sorry for that

That's all for now, see you soon!

Thank you for reading my article! Bye bye, be good. ♡
– Thea