Hello. If you follow me or my articles collection, you would have noticed that I´m mexican.

Last Tuesday, an earthquake of 7.1 degrees on the Ritcher scale hit Mexico at 1:14 in the afternoon.
This earthqueake destroyed buildings (50 approximately), killed 225 people (approximately) and left Mexico City without light and communication signal for at least 7 hours.

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I was with my friends outside of a subway when it happened. The floor started moving like we were on a trampoline and all of the trees and signs around us started moving from one side to the other. We heard a building crash (later we found out it fell down) and we ran to a ridge across the street. That was for like a straight minute. I actually thought I was going to die.

It took me and hour and a half to get to my place (it normally takes 30 minutes). A building fell apart near my house, and they rescued 16 people. The area where I live was lucky, because there are areas that are totally destroyed. There are a lot of injured people and sadly, a lot of death people (and kids) too.

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But, we are Mexicans. Thank God, we were educated to help each other like there´s no tommorrow. We (adults and teenagers) created collection centers for food, healing material, water and even blood. I volunteered yesterday and today. Also, many schools and private bussiness opened their doors to become hostels. If that´s not enough, many volunteers helped rescuing people and trying to remove debris.

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Today, on the third day, I want to admit that I was so afraid when I had no light or communication, I didn´t know what was happening. I felt alone in the world. I was afraid for my life and my mom´s.
I also didn´t wanted to go on social media or even go out of my house. I thought I was being selfish by staying home (on Tuesday).

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But now, I´m so proud to say that Mexico is alive. More than alive, actually. I can feel in the air the faith of survivng and trying to go back to normal, the fear is leaving our country every minute. We will get through this, we will slay and we will conquer the world. Becuase we are mexicans, and mexicans are the biggest sh*t of all.

Sorry for the bad word.

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