Autumn rainy days
Hi guys, in this article I want to introduce you what I do in these autumn days. Instead of studying I like to sit/lie down to my bed, pic some good book and make a big cup of spice ginger tea <3 . Then I lie down to my cozy bed with my fluffiest sweater. Read, read and read. I know anyone can be not interested in reading (but that is not my problem tho).

Here is my most favorite books:
1) Harry Potter (I don`t understand, who doesn't like HP?!)
2) Twilight series
3) The Selection
4) Milenium
5) Dan Brown`s books (it is impossible to choose one- every book is different)

So thank you, if you read this. I'm sorry for those mistakes I made-English is not my native language.
Lots of love

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