Since I was like 12 I have had issues with my weight and how my body looks. I have never been able to use a bikini for summer and every new year that is my goal. The only person I have to blame for not being able to achieve this goal is myself. September is almost over and that means that Christmas and 2018 are just around the corner. I am planning a trip to Europe with my family on summer which means that I really need to work out in order for me to enjoy it as best as I can and not be self-conscious about my body all the time and use clothes that I like and feel comfortable with.

I'm done making excuses and crying because my outfit doesn't fit, or crying because I don't want to go to the beach because I don't like how I look in a swimsuit. I'm starting today. Not tomorrow, not in a week, but today. It's time for me to accomplish my goal. I will keep track of what I eat and when possible, I will go to the gym. I am ready to change. I will post at the end of every week my progress, struggles, and achievements to keep me motivated. I am positive that if I really put my biggest effort on working out I will achieve this goal that I have had since I was 12. Don't wait until the end of the year or the start of a new one to begin your way to your goal.

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