Why cant you want me the way i want you? All you do is hurt me but i love the pain you cause me. I compare everyone I meet to you. No one will ever come close to being you. you only call late at night when your fucked up and horny. and i pick up the phone every time . I just wanna feel you up against me again. we argue and fight. you make me cry. then say something sweet and i forget all about it. you make me feel worthless, but i like it. I've been your secret for 7 years. in these 7 years you have have 4 girlfriends. none who you have been loyal too. Guys like you love to go after girls like me. Girls who are insecure and don't know their worth. Girls you can manipulate into doing whatever you want them to do, because they don't wanna lose you. I don't wanna lose you.