I always make a fall playlist so I tought I could share it with you guys
Also this is my first post so I'm kinda excited about it :)

1. too much to ask by niall horan

I know it appeard since just a few days but i'm already in love with that song, so it definetly goes to my fall playlist

2. safe inside by james arthur


I'm obsessed with this song, i just think it's the perfect song for a rainy day and a cup of tea or coffee or anything.

3. waves by dean lewis


I don't know how many of you knows it but this song is so good so i really recommand it. :)

4. love by lana del rey


So lana is always a good idea, i think this song is just perfect, i mean the video and everything.

5. dynasty by miia


When you listen to that song you should just lay down and chill and yeah, it's such a good song.

6. hold on by chord overstreet


So this is one of my faves songs of all the time, it means a lot to me and if you didn't listened to this you definetly should. (probably the ones who are in the tvd fam listened to this a lot )

7. still into you by paramore


If you are in a good mood then this is the perfect song, you can really dance around on it haha.

8. cringe by matt maeson (stripped)


I don't think many of you knows it but it such a good song.

9. weak by AJR


"But I'm weak , and what's wrong with that ?"
o b s e s s e d ! ! !

10. havana by camila cabello
the vibe of that song is soo cool, love it !


So that was it, hope I was helpful and maybe I am making an another part of the fall playlist ;;)